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Yossi Klein Halevi has written the Israeli epic.


     Michael Oren, best-selling author of Six Days of War

and former Israeli Ambassador to Washington



Like Dreamers is quite simply the best book

about modern Israel I have ever read.


     Jonathan Rosen, author of Joy Comes in the Morning



Yossi Klein Halevi has long been the most incisive and eloquent journalist writing

from Israel for an American audience. This is his masterpiece


     Samuel G. Freedman, author of Jew vs. Jew





"Of burning importance. Mr. Halevi's achievement is to make his own coming of age in marginal Brooklyn seem a drama central to the very soul of Jewish life."

-- Jonathan Rosen, NY Times Book Review


"Edgy with irony and urban humor." 

--R.Z. Sheppard, Time Magazine


"Chillingly prescient... Fortunately we have Mr. Halevi's fine memoir to explain the way in which a few Jews can take on some of the attributes of their worst enemies."

-- Richard Bernstein, NY Times 

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