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"Of burning importance. Mr. Halevi's achievement is to make his own coming of age in marginal Brooklyn seem a drama central to the very soul of Jewish life."

-- Jonathan Rosen, NY Times Book Review


"Edgy with irony and urban humor." 

--R.Z. Sheppard, Time Magazine


"Chillingly prescient... Fortunately we have Mr. Halevi's fine memoir to explain the way in which a few Jews can take on some of the attributes of their worst enemies."

-- Richard Bernstein, NY Times 



At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden: 


"Seldom has a religiously themed book been as prescient and deserving of attention... [Halevi's] words echo with the possibility of transcendence."

-- Los Angeles Times


"[Halevi] writes with the sensibility and passion of a psalmist, creating beautiful images in luminous prose. A highly original work filled with sparks of holiness."

-- NY Jewish Week


"A bridge-building masterwork... Read it gratefully."

-- Spirituality and Health

Books by Yossi Klein Halevi



"Yossi Klein Halevi has written the Israeli epic."


     Michael Oren, best-selling author of Six Days of War

and former Israeli Ambassador to Washington


"Astonishing... Like Dreamers is a majestic study of love and death, war and dreams, the evolution of Israel and the meaning of Zionism.... Like Dreamers has depth and expanse but most of all it has insight. In writing one of the most sparkling histories of the Jewish state, Halevi has also written the Great Israeli Novel, made all the greater because it's true."

     Stephen Daisley, Commentary


“The big book on Israel we have been waiting for…. a remarkable feat of reporting, thrilling, painful, and brilliantly recounted, and an unparalleled portrait of Israel’s last five decades.”

     Don Futterman, Daily Beast

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At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden
A Jew's Search for Hope with Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land


“A permanent masterwork.”



While religion has fuelled the often violent conflict plaguing the Holy Land, Yossi Klein Halevi wondered whether it could be a source of unity as well. To find the answer, this religious Israeli Jew began a two–year exploration to discover a common language with his Christian and Muslim neighbors.


At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden traces that remarkable spiritual journey. Halevi candidly reveals how he fought to reconcile his own fears and anger as a Jew to relate to Christians and Muslims as fellow spiritual seekers.

Memoirs of a Jewish Extremist
An American Story


An award-winning Israeli journalist recounts his youth as a Jewish activist in America and the Soviet Union, his devotion to the late rabbi Meir Kahane, and his eventual moderation and advocacy of Jewish-Gentile reconciliation.

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