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       In At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden, Yossi Klein Halevi describes his unprecedented and extraordinary spiritual journey to discover, as a religious Israeli Jew, a commonspiritual language with his Christian and Muslim neighbors in the Holy Land.

      "Could religion be a source of unity?"wondered Halevi. To find the answer, he began a two-year exploration of the devotional life of Christianity and Islam. He followed their holiday cycles, befriended Christian monastics and Muslim mystics,and joined them in prayer in monestaries and mosques -- searching for wisdom and holiness in places that are usually off-limits to outsiders of other faiths.

      With a new foreword relating to September 11, Halevi chronicles the difficulty of overcoming obstacles -- theological, political, historical, and psychological -- that separate believers of the three monotheistic faiths. And he introduces a dynamic range of fascinating individuals attempting to reconcile the dichotomous heart of this sacred place -- a struggle central to Israel, but which resonates for us all.

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